Question: How Far Is Cambridge From London?

How far is Cambridge from London by train?

approximately 48 milesThe distance from London to Cambridge by train is approximately 48 miles (78 km)..

How close are Oxford and Cambridge?

66 milesThe distance between Cambridge and University of Oxford is 66 miles. The road distance is 85 miles.

How do I get from London to Cambridge?

Catching a train is the quickest way to reach London from Cambridge, with hourly services into London Kings Cross or London Liverpool Street from Cambridge Station. Train services are operated by Great Northern and Abellio Greater Anglia and take just an hour (or just over) to reach London.

What London station goes to Cambridge?

London Liverpool Street StationWhat London station goes to Cambridge? Greater Anglia operates fast and frequent services to Cambridge from London Liverpool Street Station.

Where should I live to commute to Cambridge?

Godmanchester, Huntingdon, St Ives, Newmarket, St Neots, Ely all seem to be half decent places that s lot of people who work in Cambridge commute in from. Have a look at villages on or near the guided busway. There is a cycle lane along the whole length.

Should I go to Oxford or Cambridge?

Oxford is livelier, busier and often clogged with traffic. It’s a bustling city in its own right, whereas Cambridge is a town dominated by its university (particularly in the city centre). If you’re looking for more of a small town kind of feel, Cambridge is the place for you.

Is it better to visit Oxford or Cambridge?

Cambridge is easier and more charming — with its lovely gardens along the River Cam. Oxford is more substantial with lots more to see and do. … Oxford can keep you busy sightseeing for a longer time and has plenty of good hotels — so it’s worth a longer stop. Both are convenient to London (with an hour’s train ride).

How much is a train ticket from London to Cambridge?

A return ticket will cost you around £14 from London Liverpool Street instead of an average of £35 from King’s Cross station. In order to see as much of Cambridge in half a day, we left London on the 8:28 am train.

How much is a train ticket from Kings Cross to Cambridge?

Train tickets from London Kings Cross to Cambridge can start from as little as £18.50 when you book in advance and are usually more expensive when purchased on the day. Prices can also vary depending the time of day, route and class you book.

Is Cambridge cheaper than London?

The absolute most important thing to consider is the cost, as Cambridge is one of the most expensive cities in the UK to live in. There’s loads going for Cambridge. … Cost of living is cheaper in Cambridge than in London [3].

Is Cambridge good place to live?

Cambridge is a pleasant city to live in with a family. There are plenty of parks and open countryside for walks and cycle rides. The schools are excellent and there is always the hope that the academic atmosphere of the city will rub off on your child and he/she will be accepted into Cambridge.

How far is Cambridge from London by car?

64 milesBy Car. Cambridge is 64 miles northeast of London via the M11 motorway, which happens to be the scenic route and is very straightforward. Ideally, it should take about one hour, 45 minutes to drive, but the northeast routes out of London are among the most chaotic and traffic-clogged.

Can you commute from London to Cambridge?

Commuters can get to London in just over one hour, while a trip to Cambridge takes 10 minutes.

How long is the train from Cambridge to London?

80 minutesThe average journey time between Cambridge and London is 80 minutes, depending on the number of stops. The fastest Journey between Cambridge and London Liverpool Street is only 70 minutes.

Is it better to live in Oxford or Cambridge?

Cambridge is beautiful and I do miss it. It’s better if you want a more small-town feel – it’s not very big, not a huge number of social hotspots, much safer for cycling (imo, and others who have lived in both cities agree with me). Oxford is bigger, there feels much more to it than the university.