Question: Is Snipers Mark A Curse?

Does HEXtouch support work with marks?

HEXtouch support will apply curses that are also HEXES.

Marks are not hexes..

Does poacher’s Mark work with spells?

Poacher’s Mark is a spell that marks a single target with a curse. Hits against the marked target gain added physical damage and recover life and mana, and the marked target has reduced physical damage reduction and grants a frenzy charge when killed.

Can mines curse on hit?

The curse will be applied when enemies are hit by the other skill. Cannot support totems, traps, or mines. Minions cannot apply curses this way.

How do you get curse on hit support?

Awakened Curse On Hit Support is 72. You can get it by killing enemies in maps, opening Gemcutter’s Strongbox.

How do you get asenath’s chant?

Complete the following steps to obtain a Asenath’s Chant.Obtain/buy Song of the Sekhema. … Obtain/buy Asenath’s Mark. … Travel to the the side area of The Quarry in Act 9.Kill Garukhan, Queen of the Winds.You will obtain a new Asenath’s Chant in your inventory.

What are marks Poe?

Marks are a type of spell skill. They are a subset of curse skills and share the curse cap with Hexes. Since Mark skills can curse only one target, they are more suited for single target. … While Unique monsters usually have less Hex effectiveness, this does not diminish the effectiveness of Marks.

Can golems curse on hit?

Your Golem’s Skills are not linked to any Curse, only the Skill that Summons your Golem is. Minions, Totems, Traps and Mines cannot trigger the Curse on Hit Support.

Is Mark a curse Poe?

a mark IS a curse. if your curse limit is 2, you can either have 2 hexes, or 1 hex and 1 mark. you can never have 2 marks. Additions to the number of curses you can inflict on enemies apply cumulatively to both Hexes and Marks, but do not modify the number of enemies you can have Marked at any given time.

Can curse on curse apply two curses?

Curse on hit has a 100% chance to curse on hit. Afaik, it always applies them in order from the first socket (starting at the top left and following the “2” shape). So if you have 1 max curse, it will only apply the second curse in your link.

What is impale Poe?

Impale (displayed as Impaled in the status icon) is a debuff that deals additional physical damage to the affected target each time it is hit.

Does curse on hit work with traps?

Curse on Hit requires you to hit, which requires you to make an attack. Traps are not attacks. A hit can occur with a spell or attack. Curse on Hit works with spells.

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